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With the 2021 Alumni Hall of Fame inductee, we now have 118 members.  If you would like to nominate an accomplished alumnus for the Alumni Hall of Fame, please submit your written nomination to Gloria Gray, ALHS Alumni Foundation, P. O. Box 36624, Des Moines, IA 50315.  Please include a detailed description of what the nominee has accomplished since graduating from Lincoln, including career successes, community service, and service to Lincoln High.

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The 2021 Alumni Hall of Fame inductee is:

Christopher McDonald, Class of 1992. He received a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from Grand View University, where he was on the President’s List and Dean’s List. Chris went on to earn a Juris Doctor degree with highest distinction from the University of Iowa College of Law, where he received many honors including the Order of the Coif Honor Society, and Member and Associate Editor, Iowa Law Review.

Chris’s work history has been a series of steppingstones that began during his college years, as Trial Clerk at the Iowa District Court in and for Polk County while at Grand View, and as a University of Iowa College of Law Research Assistant.

After college, he entered private practice as an associate at Faegre & Benson, a full-service national and international law firm. He focused on complex litigation, general commercial litigation, internal investigation regarding regulatory inquiries including the Securities and Exchange Commission and different State Attorneys General, securities litigation and securities arbitration, employment litigation, and employment counseling.

He went on to be a member at Belin McCormick, a premier full-service law firm, where he focused on general commercial litigation, internal investigation, asset identification and recovery in cases of employee malfeasance, employment and civil rights litigation, and employment counseling and advice.

Chris then became Senior Litigation Counsel for Aviva USA Corporation (now Athene), the United States subsidiary of the world’s fifth largest insurance carrier by premium. His work there included class/mass action litigation, multi-district litigation, complex civil litigation in federal and state courts and administrative agencies, and internal investigations. He also advised and represented the company on issues including employment law, employee benefits, and contract.

In his next move, Chris became a Judge of the District Court, Fifth Judicial District of Iowa, where he presided over and adjudicated civil, criminal, and family law matters, and administrative appeals.

He then became a Judge for the Iowa Court of Appeals, where he handled adjudication and disposition of appeals of all types, and authored over 800 opinions.

In his most recent step, Chris became a Justice on the Supreme Court of Iowa, where his responsibilities include the adjudication and disposition of appeals of all types, as well as administrative responsibilities related to the work of the Iowa Judicial Branch of the Supreme Court.
To his credit are many presentations and publications regarding topics including the Constitution, errors in criminal proceedings, social media rules for judicial branch attorneys, law of mass communications, and employment law issues. Chris has received many professional awards, and is a member of the American Bar Association. He has also been a board member for Polk County Bar Association’s Volunteer Lawyers Project, the Iowa Judge’s Association, the Iowa Asian Alliance, and BRAVO of Greater Des Moines.

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Here is the complete list of ALHS Hall of Fame Inductees:

Melio Tonini ‘32
Bill Backstrom ‘48
Marge White ‘39

Dr. Noble Irving ‘33
Kathleen “Kae” Shiffer ‘31
John Haydon ‘33
Paul Gregory (formerly Burton Lenhart) ‘38

Dr. Earl Canfield ‘36
Jerry C. Miller ‘42
Eula Cartwright ‘39

(None listed in Directory)

Dr. John McCaw ‘35
Jerry Stoops ‘48
Dr. Dale Briley ‘42
Victor Jackovich ‘66

Pete Crivaro ‘31
Simon Wheeler Casady ‘33
Dr. Richard H. Adamson ‘54

Faye Sterling Cleary ‘35
Dr. Raymond Martin ‘46
Jack Copic ‘65

George “Skip” Timmons ‘53
John Ogden ‘64

Richard C. Felice ‘54
Daniel C. Christensen ‘67

John Bellizzi ‘56
Dr. John R. Haydon, Jr. ‘56

Charles Morgan ‘48
Albert Graziano ‘60
Dr. Ramona Ortega-Liston ‘60
Robert Lumsden ‘61
Sandra Thorpe ‘62
Michael Loffredo ‘63

Coralie Hull Cherry ‘47
James W. Wilson ‘45

Agnes Nittler Bosworth ‘28
Everett Chandler ’27 (1995)
James Engel, Ph.D. ‘52
Theresa Montognese Funaro ‘39

Sargio Fontanini ‘33
Robert E. Jackson, Jr. ‘99
A. Dave Ostrem ‘ 49
Larree Moro Renda ‘76
Ralph Wilson ‘49

Les Folwell ‘38
Rose Mary Neff Schwent ‘42
Craig Textor ‘48
David Mills ‘50
H. Ed Phillips ‘ 64
Bruce Koeppl ‘75

Ernest Gruwell ‘40
Charles Stover ‘56
Anna Ruperto Williams ‘63
Thomas Lipovac ‘73
James Sanders ‘78
Beth Baker Albright ‘83

Kathryn Masimore Hodge ‘35
Thomas Clifford Hodge ‘37
Dr. Jay Harold Anderson ‘51
Dr. Larry Erickson ‘56
Justine Morton ’70
Nor Rae Merkel Spohn ’76

(None – construction/remodeling)

Art Nizzi ‘38
Virgil Moore ‘49
Lee H. Gaudineer, Jr. ‘50
Harry Flaugh ‘55
Ellyn Cornelison Rucker ‘55
Steve Cox ‘65
Ted Townsend ‘66
Nancy Stein Nowak ‘70
Janet Atkins Hicks ‘71
Marvin Fisher ‘77
William Durbin ‘78

Becky Clinton Dewey ‘83
Raymond “Skip” Phillips, Jr. ‘68
Lewis DeMarco ‘40
Col. Kelly Kirts ‘82
Kathryn Kate Aspengren ‘70
Kenneth Sufka ‘85

Joe Tursi ‘41
Dr. Ted Harper ‘47
Paul Tursi ‘50
Suzette Stephens Jensen ‘64
John Haigh ‘72
Tim Leach ‘74
Jim Edwards ‘75

Robert Keefer ‘35
Bill Keefer ‘37
John Hollingsworth ‘42
John Ortega ‘54
Sarah Cook Zimmerman ‘58
Gloria Gray ‘66

Noah Lacona ‘41
Chuck Mettler ‘61
Phil Barber ‘68
Kirk Blunck ‘72
Captain Theresa Louise Smith, M.D. ‘80

Miriam Erickson Brown ‘80
Warren Erickson ‘86
Kevin McCarthy ‘89

Jerry Crawford ‘67
Judge John P. Crouch ‘50
Linda Lewis Grandquist ‘60
Nicole Graziano ‘86

Dr. Ronald Foreman ‘66
Lynnea Smith Hagen ‘65
Terry Bob Hyatt, ‘60

Joel Drake '87
Mary Jennings '54
Richard Hurd '70

Dennis Dearden '70
Susan Amend Woody '81
David Hollingsworth '71

Douglas J. Barakat '64
Clarence “Laddie” Jobe '64
Judy Lewis '64
R. Michael Williams, MD '64

Christopher McDonald, '92

Hall of Fame


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