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The ALHS Alumni Hall of Fame has 103 members to date. If you would like to nominate an accomplished alumnus for the Hall of Fame, please submit your written nomination to Gloria Gray c/o Lincoln High School. Please include a detailed description of what the nominee has accomplished since graduating from Lincoln, including career successes, community service, and service to Lincoln High.

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Congratulations, 2017 Hall of Fame Inductees:

DR. RONALD FOREMAN graduated from Lincoln in 1966. After graduation, he joined the Marines and served 4 years receiving an honorable discharge as a sergeant. In 1972, he received his associate’s degree from the Florida College at Jacksonville and his Doctor of Optometry degree from the Illinois College of Optometry in 1976. During his years in Illinois he was a laboratory instructor in the fields of neurophysiology and neuroanatomy, as well as a teaching assistant in vision therapy and pediatrics.
During college Ron was elected and served as a senior class representative, received an award as outstanding member of his class, at graduation was honored with the distinguished service and leadership award, was presented with an award for his research work in the practicality of ultra-thin flexible hard contact lenses, and was awarded with the alumni achievement award.
The Illinois College of Optometry certified Ron to specialize in visual therapy, children’s vision based learning disorders, and muscular coordination problems.
After graduation, Ron returned to Florida and became a partner with his brother-in-law in an optometry practice, eventually developing his own practice, and subsequently becoming the proprietor of both optometry practices.
Ron served as President of the Florida Optometric Association, Chairman of the Florida State Board of Optometry, and President of the South-Eastern Council of Optometrists whose members include 12 southeastern states, England, Columbia South America, South Africa and Trinidad and Tobago. In 1982, he was named Florida Optometrist of the Year, and in 1992 was named Florida Optometrist of the Decade. He is the only recipient of the Golden Eagle Award from the Florida Optometric Association. Last year he was awarded that Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award.
Beyond his professional life, Ron was a Chamber of Commerce Board Member, Chairman of the March of Dimes, Chairman of the Columbia Public Schools Foundation, Chairman of the Columbia County American Cancer Society, Past President of the Lake City Lions Club, 3rd Degree of the Knights of Columbus, Chairman of the Lake City Medical Center, and currently serves as a Board Member for the Columbia Bank. He was recently appointed to the Lake Shore Hospital Authority by Florida’s Governor Rick Scott.
Dr. Foreman also continues to serve his community by providing free vision screenings for children and underprivileged people in conjunction with the Lions Club.
Ron has been married to his wife Sandra, a Florida girl, for 48 years. They have three sons and six grandchildren.

LYNNEA SMITH HAGEN graduated from Lincoln in 1965. After graduating from Lincoln, she left for Missouri and California for BA degrees in psychology, sociology, and advanced degrees in information systems management and organizational development.
She began her first career position with Disney in California, and was transferred to Florida to help open Walt Disney World, focusing on the fledgling hotels and their tour packages and accounting needs. After Disney she managed, designed and grew a customer relations programs for Quaker State Oil, serving a 4-county region, and managing 13 employees.
Lynnea was a consultant and sales specialist manager with AT&T/Pacific Bell/SBC for 17 years. She won several sales and client service awards, as well as awards for community service to nonprofit organizations. Her clients included real estate companies, Intel, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Xerox, The University of California system, Lockheed, Varian, AMD, San Mateo County and Santa Clara County—just to name a few.
After taking early retirement in 1997, she was executive director of two technical recruiting companies, serving the world’s largest telecommunications companies.
In 2002, she started her own company, The Abundance Company. Clients have included nonprofits, dozens of small businesses, as well is directors of several large companies, such as Intel. For 3 years, she facilitated a “virtual board of directors” for The Alternative Board International (TAB), helping and coaching CEOs and company presidents grow their businesses--and themselves as leaders. Her areas of passion and expertise are conscious leadership and strategic business plans (which now include marketing and sales planning as well).
In 2011, she co-founded a corporation to provide education, coaching and supportive resources for the health and wellness industry, and was instrumental in creating a coaching training and certification program.
Lynnea has created and taught many workshops for local Chambers of Commerce and business organizations, has facilitated several planning and leadership retreats for nonprofit as well as for-profit organizations, and has been a featured guest speaker or co-host for dozens of events and for numerous TV and radio programs, some with a global audience. She hosted her own live-talk radio show, “Abundance Leadership,” which broke listener records. She is the author of the book; and is co-author of three others, including The Change Book, Insights Into Self-Empowerment, which is part of the fastest growing book series in the world.
She has received two “Excellence in Leadership” awards by National Association of Women Business Owners.
Lynnea lives in San Jose, CA., where she experienced her greatest accomplishment—raising twin sons, Aaron and Josh, who are entrepreneurs as well.

TERRY BOB HYATT graduated from Lincoln in 1960. Terry’s yearbook ambition was to drive for Standard Oil Company in the Gulf of Mexico. Terry received flight training at Oklahoma State University, and was awarded their “Male Pilot of the Year” trophy from the Flying Aggies Club, and received his pilot certificates and license at their awards banquet.
He completed graduate classes in Flight Safety and Accident Investigation at the University of Southern California, which has had a national and international reputation for excellence in aviation safety management education. Terry also completed a Safety Management course at the Helicopter Association International in Dallas, Texas. He would later serve as Chairman of the National Business Aircraft Association’s Aviation Safety and Air Traffic Control Committee in 1992-1993.
Terry had a 33-year career as a pilot of AMOCO (formerly Standard Oil), headquartered in Chicago. Terry flew JetStar and Gulfstream airplanes to safely transport executives and dignitaries all over the world, including the cold regions of Siberia, the jungles of South America, and the Far East. He ultimately became AMOCO’s Assistant Chief Pilot and Manager of Aviation Safety. He also chaired the Midway Tenants Association at Midway Airport in Chicago.
Terry retired in 1998 and moved to the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida, where he obtained a Master Merchant Marine license that allowed him to operate and deliver yachts throughout the area. He served as their yacht club’s Race Committee Chairman for seven years, and received their Sportsmanship Award twice. As fleet captain, he led all boats in the Blessing of the Fleet for 10 years, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Award in 2006.
Terry worked hard to achieve his high school dream, and he had a good life, which included giving back to his community. He volunteered for many pancake breakfasts and movie night activities, and for several years he delivered Meals on Wheels, making sure to always carry some dog biscuits along.
Terry was married for 54 years to Germaine Trisler Hyatt, also a Lincoln Class of June 1960 graduate. They had two children and welcomed five grandsons.
Terry died surrounded by his family on July 2, 2015.


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Here is the complete list of ALHS Hall of Fame Inductees:

Melio Tonini ‘32
Bill Backstrom ‘48
Marge White ‘39

Dr. Noble Irving ‘33
Kathleen “Kae” Shiffer ‘31
John Haydon ‘33
Paul Gregory (formerly Burton Lenhart) ‘38

Dr. Earl Canfield ‘36
Jerry C. Miller ‘42
Eula Cartwright ‘39

(None listed in Directory)

Dr. John McCaw ‘35
Jerry Stoops ‘48
Dr. Dale Briley ‘42
Victor Jackovich ‘66

Pete Crivaro ‘31
Simon Wheeler Casady ‘33
Dr. Richard H. Adamson ‘54

Faye Sterling Cleary ‘35
Dr. Raymond Martin ‘46
Jack Copic ‘65

George “Skip” Timmons ‘53
John Ogden ‘64

Richard C. Felice ‘54
Daniel C. Christensen ‘67

John Bellizzi ‘56
Dr. John R. Haydon, Jr. ‘56

Charles Morgan ‘48
Albert Graziano ‘60
Dr. Ramona Ortega-Liston ‘60
Robert Lumsden ‘61
Sandra Thorpe ‘62
Michael Loffredo ‘63

Coralie Hull Cherry ‘47
James W. Wilson ‘45

Agnes Nittler Bosworth ‘28
Everett Chandler ’27 (1995)
James Engel, Ph.D. ‘52
Theresa Montognese Funaro ‘39

Sargio Fontanini ‘33
Robert E. Jackson, Jr. ‘99
A. Dave Ostrem ‘ 49
Larree Moro Renda ‘76
Ralph Wilson ‘49

Les Folwell ‘38
Rose Mary Neff Schwent ‘42
Craig Textor ‘48
David Mills ‘50
H. Ed Phillips ‘ 64
Bruce Koeppl ‘75

Ernest Gruwell ‘40
Charles Stover ‘56
Anna Ruperto Williams ‘63
Thomas Lipovac ‘73
James Sanders ‘78
Beth Baker Albright ‘83

Kathryn Masimore Hodge ‘35
Thomas Clifford Hodge ‘37
Dr. Jay Harold Anderson ‘51
Dr. Larry Erickson ‘56
Justine Morton ’70
Nor Rae Merkel Spohn ’76

(None – construction/remodeling)

Art Nizzi ‘38
Virgil Moore ‘49
Lee H. Gaudineer, Jr. ‘50
Harry Flaugh ‘55
Ellyn Cornelison Rucker ‘55
Steve Cox ‘65
Ted Townsend ‘66
Nancy Stein Nowak ‘70
Janet Atkins Hicks ‘71
Marvin Fisher ‘77
William Durbin ‘78

Becky Clinton Dewey ‘83
Raymond “Skip” Phillips, Jr. ‘68
Lewis DeMarco ‘40
Col. Kelly Kirts ‘82
Kathryn Kate Aspengren ‘70
Kenneth Sufka ‘85

Joe Tursi ‘41
Dr. Ted Harper ‘47
Paul Tursi ‘50
Suzette Stephens Jensen ‘64
John Haigh ‘72
Tim Leach ‘74
Jim Edwards ‘75

Robert Keefer ‘35
Bill Keefer ‘37
John Hollingsworth ‘42
John Ortega ‘54
Sarah Cook Zimmerman ‘58
Gloria Gray ‘66

Noah Lacona ‘41
Chuck Mettler ‘61
Phil Barber ‘68
Kirk Blunck ‘72
Captain Theresa Louise Smith, M.D. ‘80

Miriam Erickson Brown ‘80
Warren Erickson ‘86
Kevin McCarthy ‘89

Jerry Crawford ‘67
Judge John P. Crouch ‘50
Linda Lewis Grandquist ‘60
Nicole Graziano ‘86

Dr. Ronald Foreman ‘66
Lynnea Smith Hagen ‘65
Terry Bob Hyatt, ‘60


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