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Congratulations to our
2013 Scholarship Recipients:

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The following 2013 graduates of Lincoln High School
received our Alumni Foundation Scholarships in May 2013:

Neff Family Scholarship
Aaron Havens - Iowa State University
Anthony Hoover - University of Iowa

Ray Townsend Memorial Scholarship
Naing Kiss - Iowa State University

Jim & Ralph Wilson Scholarship
Randall Friend - Iowa State University

Studebaker Elementary School Scholarship
Jacob Poortinga - University of Iowa

Ruth Johnson Nichols Scholarship
Sarah Burrows - Iowa State University

Al Graziano Scholarship
Santiago Guerrero Brown - Iowa State University

William “Bill” McKibben Memorial Scholarship
Brittany Cook - Des Moines Area Community College

Hugh Kent Memorial Science Scholarship
Trinh Huynh - Iowa State University

Steve Tomlinson Memorial Scholarship
Blake Acri - Iowa State University

Sarg Fontanini Memorial Scholarship
Noah Cardamon - Iowa State University

Bill Backstrom Memorial Scholarship
Masiullah Nehmatullah - LaSierra University

Jenna Falbo Memorial Scholarship
Brenda Guzman Martinez - Mercy College of Health Sciences

Stephen Brodie Memorial Scholarship
Nicholas Mezera - Des Moines Area Community College

Wolfe Family Scholarship
Jessica Murphy - Iowa State University

Dr. John Green, Jr. Family Scholarship
Taylor Anderson - Des Moines Area Community College
Taylor Daugherty - Iowa State University
Benjamin Sides - Luther College
Brittan Riesberg - Iowa State University
Taylor Harmon - University of Northern Iowa

The Dave Mills Scholarship
Samantha Elert - Iowa State University

Taylor-Hyde Family Scholarship
Tyler Hobson - University of Iowa
Sierra Johnson-Beadle - University of South Dakota
Patrick Schiltz - University of Iowa
Reanne Casteel - University of Iowa

Nicholas J. Mancuso Scholarship
Jessica Richter - Drake University

The Clayle, Milva, Maxhn, and Janine McCaw Scholarship Fund
Allison Richter - Drake University

ALHS Alumni Association Scholarship
Renee Alexander - Iowa State University
Evan Chidley - University of Iowa
Derrick Smith - Iowa State University
Janet Acosta Lagunas - Des Moines Area Community College
Emily Cox - University of Northern Iowa
Alexandra Summy - Iowa State University
Nha Tu - Iowa State University
Kalina Dubuc - University of Tampa
Heather Seals - Central College
Steven Siang - Iowa State University
Austin Little - Central College
Katie Thorpe - Iowa State University
Autum Song - Iowa State University
Magdalene Krebs - University of Iowa
Tyler Hobson - University of Iowa
David Russo - University of Iowa
Victoria Dotts - University of Iowa
Jordyn Eid - Arizona State
Dakota Sanchez - Iowa State University
Matthew Porter - Iowa State University


The Foundation can help you establish a scholarship in
your name or in memory of a family member or friend.
For more information, please contact
Nicole Graziano or Skip Timmons at 515-287-6510.

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