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To all Lincoln High School alumni who ordered a directory from Alumni Research, Inc. (ARI) in 2012, we apologize that it was never delivered. The ALHS Alumni Foundation does not publish the directory nor do we profit from it. As many of you know, ARI successfully published a directory for LHS alumni in 2007. We were shocked to learn that they accepted orders and payment from many Lincoln Alumni and never fulfilled those orders.
As a result, the Alumni Foundation and many other individuals and organizations filed complaints with ARI and with the Florida Attorney General’s office. In response, the Florida Attorney General’s office filed a civil complaint and consent judgement against both the business and its owner Robert Laping in June 2015. Since then ARI has closed and both ARI and Robert Laping filed for bankruptcy protection. A February 2016 judgement requires payment of almost $4.5 million which includes full customer restitution. However, due to the insolvency of the business and its owner, it is not likely there will be funds available for restitution. Details about the judgement are found using the link below.

This summer you probably received a notification from the US Bankruptcy Court. The notice addressed the opportunity to allow for the creditor (you) to discharge the debt from the debtor (Laping & ARI). We contacted Angela Welch, the Bankruptcy Trustee listed on the documentation, to get further direction on this matter and she said her office did a thorough financial investigation of Robert Laping and ARI. They have closed the case, not seeing any funds/assets available for liquidation. That being said, you may still file to object to the discharge of debts if you choose. This bankruptcy matter is separate from the judgement pending with the Florida Attorney General’s office.
Again, we apologize for this situation. We are ALL disappointed about the lack of a directory and the loss of the money we paid for it.

We are able to provide you with the Forward that would have appeared in the 2012 Directory. Click HERE to view it."

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